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The composition of donkey milk is the closest to that of the human breast milk, with a reputation remaining unchanged throughout the centuries. As an excellent remedy and beauty elixir, this unique nutritious and healthy milk becomes synonymous with maternal care. By respectfully enriching the unique characteristics of donkey milk with organic olive oil, OLIVIE introduces new standards of natural care and skin hygiene.

OLIVIE'S new cosmetic line KYR MENTIOS has unique properties because of the donkey milk it contains. Because donkey milk:

·      Is rich in lactose and bioactive proteins, constituting the ideal nutritional choice for the health and beauty of normal, dry, and even sensitive skin;

·      Contains albumins, which are protein complexes that create a moisturizing film on the upper skin layers to reduce transepidermal water loss;

·      Combines peptides and amino acids which have been proven to help strengthen the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), improve skin hydration, nourish and revitalize skin;

·      Is highly rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D & E, as well as vitamin C, and constitutes a source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.

KYR MENTIOS: An ideal combination of nature and biotechnology.
With the help of science, OLIVIE perfectly applies all the natural properties of donkey milk. It is produced through a special method of cryogenic sterilization and cold milk powder processing – the only method that ensures effective destruction of all pathogens, while fully preserving all milk benefits. 

Brand: Olivie
Body lotion with intense moisturizing and nourishing action. It is rich in donkey milk especially produced so that it maintains all of its valuable ingredients in order to help skin restore its elasticity and luminosity. Bioactive proteins and the Vitamin B complex stimulate sensitive skin relief fr..
Ex Tax:$18.00
Vitamins and proteins of donkey milk combined with peptides and plant extracts provide immediate tightening effect, dark circle fading and soothing of crow’s feet wrinkles. Use: Apply a small quantity morning and evening around the eye area.1.01fl.oz | 30ml eDERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED INGRE..
Ex Tax:$22.80
Brand: Olivie
Face cream for daily use with anti-ageing, moisturizing & firming active ingredients ideal for sensitive skin. Enriched with donkey milk highly concentrated in Vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E that induce production of elastin and prevent wrinkle formation as well as calcium, magnesium, fatty acids..
Ex Tax:$26.40
Brand: Olivie
Facial serum with specialized formula and silky feel. It contains donkey milk rich in vitamins and proteins that nourish, moisturize and restore skin leaving it healthy and radiant as well as oligopeptides that smooth fine lines and wrinkles.1.01fl.oz | 30ml eDERMATOLOGICALLY TESTEDINGREDIENTS:..
Ex Tax:$26.40
Brand: Olivie
With donkey milk that nourishes, regenerates and revitalizes skin.1.01fl.oz | 30ml eDERMATOLOGICALLY TESTEDINGREDIENTS: aqua (water), c12-20 acid peg 8 ester, glycolic acid, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, isodecyl salicylate, lactic acid, cetyl alcohol, polyisoprene, aloe barbadensis leaf ..
Ex Tax:$11.40
Brand: Olivie
Vegetable based olive soap with creamy, luscious lather, rich in donkey milk which moisturizes, softens and protects skin from dryness and irritations.100gr eDERMATOLOGICALLY TESTEDINGREDIENTS: Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, sodium olivate (saponified olive oil), aqua(water), donkey milk, so..
Ex Tax:$6.60
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